Every product has a story, and every story should have universal appeal that responds to a specific need. Utilizing all communications materials to inform, inspire, and motivate action is my passion! Hi, my name is Tiara Baker and I am a marketing specialist with a passion for writing. As a content writer for several websites and companies I have honed the ability to capture and maintain audiences across various markets and demographics. With my diverse background as a social media manager, digital marketer, journalist, spokesperson, and voice-over professional, I understand the various communications platforms needed to effectively deliver product engagement. Providing brand management is my passion and elevating  a company’s brand is my forte. I also have experience, knowledge, and appreciation for reputation management, public relations, and advertising. My hard-work ethic and cutting-edge flair is exemplified through some of my previous works  in the menu above. So please feel free to explore, and visit my contact page to connect with me!

“You can find inspiration in everything: And if you can’t, look again.”

-Paul Smith


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